Easy cruising to Normandy

What an easy cruise to Normandy today. We were on the early sailing of the Brittany Ferries ferry Normandie from Portsmouth, leaving Oxford at 6am to catch the 8.15 sailing. The Monday morning traffic behaved itself and the trip to the port was really easy.

Once aboard, a few minutes to drop our kit in the cabin and head for breakfast. Once the kids were refuelled, there was time to sit out on the back deck and read the newspaper in the sun. What a great start to the trip!

We made a trip to the on board cinema which is a great way to pass a couple of hours and really keeps the kids occupied, which is always a bonus!

A bit of lunch and we’re there! Our house is about an hour from the port, the French roads are deserted as usual and we get to the house at about 4.15. Time for a quick change and we’re out in the garden, doing a bit of work before dinner. Not before we have a couple of beers in the sun though.

This life is available surprisingly easily. There a many houses for sale in the area, get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more and learning how you too could make the move to Normandy, either short term or like us, just for a few days.





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